AI & AutoML based Predictive Analytics

Use Predictive Analytics Platform
to Manage Population Health

Entrust your health our doctors

Provide genomics-informed personalized care
facilitated with evidence-based medicine

First Ever - Blockchain based Data Analytics & Security

Detect counterfeit claims, drugs
& forged prescriptions with custom
blockchain based data solution.

Stream Analytics - See your data live

Your data in motion for continuous
decisions allowing you to capture
and analyze data in real time.

With Careeva’s Medicaid Management solution, You can
maximize contract performance by improving quality
& SDoH outcomes, decreasing unnecessary utilization,
and increasing member engagement.

Your Road To Success In
Managed Medicaid Contracts

Careeva’s Population Health Management Services

Careeva’s Population Health Management Services support your organization’s journey toward population health data management, helping you identify opportunities and implement change in a strategic, coordinated way.

Value Based Care

Careeva uses data to identify and evaluate your organization’s improvement opportunities by service line, patient cohort, or risk contract.

Care Redesign Services

With the goal of reducing administrative burden, lowering financial risk, and providing better care for patients, our SMEs take a data-informed approach to help you streamline your approach.

PHM Strategic Initiatives

Our SMEs can help you refine your understanding of your organization’s current state, identify opportunities for improvement, and check the fit between PHM initiatives and other organizational priorities,

Quality Measures

Careeva is a quality measures solution that combines complete data, measures, visualizations, and workflows (monitor, improve, and submit) into one system.

Data Platform


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Frequently Answered Questions

Implementation depends on the size and the complexity of the data coming from multiple sources. On an average, Careeva implementation team will take 2-3 weeks to implement the data platform for a customer.

Yes, our applications and data center run on cloud. If you have your own cloud presence, we can deploy our application and database to your private cloud infrastructure. If you prefer on-prem implementation, our data platform can be deployed to your on-premise servers at no extra cost.

Yes, powered by best-in-class API gateway, pre-built FHIR applications & SMART on FHIR support, our platform helps you drive innovation & collaboration with intuitive workflows, seamless integration, advanced analytics, powerful applications & more.

Yes, we have standalone mobile platform which runs on iOS and Android devices.