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Careeva Health is a leading healthcare technology company. We’re pioneering the Data Activation Platform that’s helping our industry realize the promise of value-based care. CareEva’s proprietary integration & analysis engine activates the data our industry has worked so hard to collect. It cleans, aggregates, and delivers insights when physicians need it most—at the moment of care.

Healthcare Data Analytics Platform

CareEva Health

Careeva was founded by a team of healthcare veterans with hundreds of years of combined experience leading care transformations at health systems. That team now believes the lessons learned in their previous experiences should be available to every healthcare system in the country. These healthcare veterans pioneered a new data warehousing architecture based on AI and ML that uses a just-in-time approach to data binding to resolve many of the problems they encountered using traditional warehousing methodologies.

We use stream analytics architecture on cloud infrastructure so that your data is mapped, modeled and streamed in to our state of art data warehousing architecture in real time. This brings our data implementation time frame to days instead of weeks. We provide HIPPA & HiTrust compliance cloud infrastructure to provide you the FHIR data analytical platform you need to make key decisions.

Careeva provides software and over 50 analytics applications/modules for: accountable care and financial; benchmarking and comparative analytics; care management and patient relationships; clinical analytics; operations and performance management; patient safety. Careeva has thoughtfully developed a range of products, applications, and services that address a system’s needs no matter its level of sophistication in analytics. Careeva has a set of products that is optimized for the healthcare organization’s environment and scalable to meet future analytics needs. Careeva develops and deploys solutions targeted to a specific healthcare clinical and operational outcomes.

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Careeva Health

Our Core Services

Population Health Analytics

Identifying at-risk patients and closing gaps in care to improve patient outcomes is critical. Our data platform can help your organization needs to more effectively stratify your patient populations while better tracking your performance.

Tailored Analytics Accelerators

Accelerate your clinical improvements with our suite of tailored accelerators. Our customers who utilize our analytics accelerators achieve a much faster time-to-value compared to building an analytic model from the ground up.

FHIR Data Platform

We offer the most comprehensive FHIR enabled Data Activation Platform to help you go from integrating data to powering innovation. We connect and manage integrations to clinical, claims, labs, and other healthcare data sources onto our advanced FHIR platform.


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