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Our Dermatology module powerful features run award-winning algorithms designed for dermatology. Take your practice to the next level with the platform’s cutting-edge technology. Our Dermatology Module Dashboard provides a centralized hub for overseeing multiple clinics, making it easy to visualize and analyze data for practice management, performance evaluation and audit purposes. Grow your virtual clinics over time, decide which plan and add-ons suit each location and gather insightful data. By identifying and managing your cases, you can improve clinic workflow and prioritize which require immediate attention for optimal insight and control.

  1. View data like never before: Data from all of your clinics are easy to analyze on the improved charts and graphs.
  2. Gain unique insights: Maintain access to each clinic’s information and analytics.
  3. Upgrade your clinics’ plans: Customize each clinic’s payment plan based on its size, activity, and region.
  4. Match your needs: See each clinic’s payment plan type and subscription add-ons
  5. Oversee your clinics: Monitor clinic activity and statistics on a centralized dashboard in real-time
  6. Invite colleagues: Managers can create online clinics and invite colleagues to join different clinic group